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A Background check of an employee has become a critical part of today’s hiring process.

The reason why background checks have become so vital today is to verify the past employment records of an applicant as well as, education, professional license, credit history, driving records, and to check whether the employee has been involved in any criminal activities. Social security number checks are also done by the employers to verify a person legal residency status.

The pre employment screening has also become one of the most important part of the employment process in a business environment where system and trade information is critical to stay competitive or Human Resource teams may want to take the extra steps needed to select the proper candidate for their business.


Often, property managers and landlords have to wrestle with unwanted problems created by bad tenants that range from not paying rent, to posing problems for other tenants, to misusing and damaging their rental properties, to indulging in conduct that makes it unwise to continue a positive landlordtenant relationship.

Further, certain other issues, such as, creating health and safety issues, criminal, or a tenant filing for bankruptcy generates more headaches for a landlord.

By utilizing our Tenant screening service to qualify a prospect applicant property managers and landlords can narrow their risks of renting to a bad tenant thus avoiding the costs and headaches associated evicting them from their rental properties.