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The following is a brief explanation of some of our most requested services.


SSN trace first verifies that the number exists in the system. Next, the report provides the state in which the SSN was issued, the year it was issued, and if it is a currently active number, or if a death claim has been filed in relation to the number. This is a vital check for any applicant, and should be considered as the first line of defense against fraud and against Social Security Number identity theft applicants.


Verification will include:

  • Dates of Enrollment
  • Major/Degrees Received


Civil Court Search can help uncover if, an applicant may have had issues with the courts that may not be in the criminal system.

With a Civil Court Search an employer can discover if an applicant has sued former employers or has been sued for reasons that are relevant to employment. A Civil Court Search lists the date of filing the civil court cases, case type, case number or file record, jurisdiction, and, if available, the identity of parties involved in that civil case.


Verification will include:

  • Dates of Enrollment
  • Major/Degrees Received


County Criminal whether it's a:

  • Felony
  • Misdemeanor
  • Felony/Misdemeanor
Information on criminal records is obtained by a court records from the county or state that is requested, unless direct connection to the courthouse via modem/Internet is established. The search is conducted per name, per county and will obtain felony records and includes misdemeanor when they are available.